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TINT has positioned itself as a thought leader in the content marketing world by utilizing its blog to share the latest trends and ideas. TINT came to me with the idea of turning its most powerful section of its website into a lead generating machine.

I worked closely with TINT’s marketing team to understand their content strategy and tastefully guide users down each phase of their conversion funnel.


Step 1. Top of the Funnel - Awareness

After looking into TINT’s analytics, I discovered that there are three main flows users take when navigating throughout TINT’s blog.

I started by dividing all of TINT’s content into these three sections, then went one step further by creating sub-categories to allow TINT to better tailor content to its users.

I designed a navigation that allowed users landing on TINT’s blog to easily find content that they’re looking for as well as discover related material that might spark their interest.


Step 2. Middle of the Funnel - Engagement

During this phase of the project, I focused on increasing two engagement metrics: daily page views and shares per post.

Daily Page ViewsIn addition to categorizing TINT’s content based on interest, I also created a filter that allows users to filter the results based on relevancy.

This additional filter allows a user to view the latest content, the most popular content, and lastly, featured content chosen by TINT’s marketing team.

With this new design, the number of users who viewed more than one post in a session increased by 24%.

Shares Per Post

While adding social sharing to your blog post seems to be a no-brainer, TINT did not have this functionality prior to the redesign.

I added social sharing functionality within each post as well as the ability for the content writers at TINT to include tweetable sentences in-line.

By adding this functionality, TINT saw an increase of traction on Twitter alone by 18%.

Step 3. Tip of the Funnel - Conversion

This part of the redesign was the most important to get right, as this was already one of TINT’s revenue/lead generating machines.

I studied TINT’s analytics and noticed one area where TINT was not getting any leads… and that was mobile.

I designed a mobile-optimized interface that was not only optimized for readability, but one hand navigation as TINT’s analytics also showed that most mobile traffic to the blog was between the hours of 7-9am and 5-6pm - commuter hours.

By optimizing the blog for conversion, TINT saw an increase in newsletter signups by 620% on mobile and 27% across all devices.


This project was completed in August 2017. For specific questions or to work together on a future project, shoot me an email at hello@danielbaldwin.co.

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