Homepage for a B2B company


TINT today is a product that allows companies to find their customer’s best user-generated content, combine it with their own branded content and advertisements, and display it at each of their customer touchpoints.

But before, it was marketed as a social media aggregation platform. Doesn’t sound as attractive, huh?

I worked closely with TINT’s marketing team in an effort to overhaul its brand identity. Afterwards, it was time to design a new homepage that aligned TINT’s website with its new direction.

I started by digging into TINT’s analytics. First, I took note of the design elements on the page that helped with metrics historically, then I created baseline metrics for areas where I saw the need for improvement.

Getting Users from Point A to Point B

One of my main focuses was TINT’s call-to-action buttons. Previously, there were CTAs scattered throughout the homepage, dividing users evenly between a Free Trial signup flow and a Demo Request flow.

With over 60,000 users visiting TINT’s website each month, only 2.5% were clicking the Free Trial CTA. An even smaller group of users were clicking Request a Demo — 0.5%.

My solution was to reduce the number of links off of the homepage by 52% and outnumber Demo Request CTAs 2:1. By doing so, TINT experienced a 148% increase in click-throughs to the Free Trial signup flow and a 540% increase in click-throughs to the Demo Request flow.


Keeping Users Engaged

Another problem that TINT faced was that their website did not successfully educate users on what their “social media aggregation platform” did.

My solution was to design a website that marketed the B2B2C (business-to-business-to-consumer) aspect of TINT, focusing on the end product rather than the platform itself.


I showcased TINT’s customers on their website and let these brand’s experiences speak for themselves. I showcased user-generated content that Loews Hotels sourced by using TINT and also included customer stories that allowed new users to understand how TINT could work for them without needing to speak to a salesperson.

By doing so, it was apparent that users were better understanding the benefit of TINT because all three of the session metrics tracked went up and to the right.

This project was completed in May 2017. For specific questions or to work together on a future project, shoot me an email at hello@danielbaldwin.co.

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