The Platform for Artist Management


CreateSafe came to me with the challenge of disrupting the business of music. Their plan of action? Give artists the tools to not only capture the value of their music but to generate knowledgeable insights and have the power to create leverage for their own success.

Started From The Bottom

Branding + Visual Identity

We wanted to create a logo that was simple and had a preconceived meaning behind it. We adapted the copyright symbol to represent the intellectual property artists would upload to the product, and paired it with a strong, modern typeface to evoke an immediate sense of confidence and establishment from the brand.


The color scheme was inspired by urban graffiti art and the rise of hip-hop in the 1980s. The cool-toned gradient was used to create high energy and bring the color palette back to the future.



I represented CreateSafe textually with Trade Gothic, a typeface originally designed for the media industry. I designed a modified outlined version of the font, which pairs nicely with the urban, futuristic color scheme and I believe really brings this identity full circle.


Mo Money, No Problems

Mobile App

Historically, artists signed to major labels have been kept out of the loop when it comes to their business performance. What metrics they did have access to were scattered so badly across a number of tools and departments within their record label that they became undeveloped and unwatched.

This means that artists were not monitoring their progress, taking action, or truly understanding how their performance tied to changes in revenue, consumption, or engagement. In 2017, the U.S. music industry generated $43 billion. Out of that, artists only received 12% due to poor data management, siloed communication, and an unscalable infrastructure.

Working alongside CreateSafe’s engineering team and founders, I designed an easy-to-digest interface which brings all of these metrics together paired with smart insights that allow artists to begin taking control of their business for the first time.

But this was only the beginning. In addition to these combined insights, artists are also able to track deals, distribute music, communicate with their team, and directly access business support through CreateSafe’s Concierge platform.




Know Yourself, Know Your Worth

Desktop Platform

Designed with a focus on catalog management, the CreateSafe desktop app shares all of the same features as the mobile app but also gives managers that next level of control over their artists. Managers can control their artist’s complete collection of releases as well as schedule upcoming recordings through the Planner and Networking sections of the platform.


Getting The Bread

Fundraising Deck

Branding? Check. Desktop and Mobile Apps? Check. Check? Not quite yet.

I strategized with the founders of CreateSafe to provide them with a series of decks to use for their fundraising efforts. While most of this is under NDA, I’m able to share a few screengrabs of the deck to give a taste of what I created for them.

Update: Check? Check.




Guest List

Early Access Website

CreateSafe already had an impressive list of artists ready to use the platform thanks to the company’s founders’ history in the music industry. I designed an early access website to generate hype and get artists onboarded into the product.

The site can be seen at



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