Rebranding an agency


Rebranding an agency

In 2015, I led Twelve23’s rebranding effort and ultimately turned an IT service into a creative agency. At the time, Twelve23’s services ranged from consulting to small development projects and the duration of each new project lasted only a few weeks.

After being hired as an in-house designer, I quickly strategized with the founder to see how I could extend Twelve23’s reach, bring in a new client demographic, and bring in a wider range of projects.

I helped Twelve23 gear their services towards each team member’s individual strengths and collectively form a creative agency.

Refreshing Twelve23’s Identity

After coming up with a gameplan, it was time to refresh Twelve23’s visual identity. I started with its logo. At its core, Twelve23 was known for bringing new, innovative solutions to each of their clients. I designed the logo to visualize this concept, providing an illustrative approach to the “out-of-the-box” concept.



Creating a Facade

Twelve23 knew the direction that it wanted to go, however, its previous work did not quite put them in the spot they needed to be to start attracting new clients. I helped them break down each of their projects and find areas that could be elaborated on or stretched.



The Final Product

Twelve23’s new website and identity attracted an entirely new demographic of clients. Their future work ranged from boutique brick-and-mortar shops to mobile apps for startups.


This project was completed in August 2015. For specific questions or to work together on a future project, shoot me an email at

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