Helping startups and agencies cultivate relationships through impactful experiences.

Hey, I’m Daniel Baldwin ✌️

I’m a Seattle based brand designer currently working with TINT’s marketing and product team. I enjoy working with companies, agencies, and startups of all sizes.

I specialize in brand, strategy, and human-focused design and have done work for great companies both on and offline.

Behind every great brand is a story and a motive.

I help startups and agencies understand their audience, build their brand, and design a user experience that harmonizes with the motive behind their existence. I am a strong believer in the importance of imbuing emotion, significance, and humanity into every customer touchpoint.

What I Offer:

Creative Direction

Art Direction Illustration Persona Development Creative Consulting

Branding & Identity

Brand Strategy Identity Development Brand Collateral Guidelines & Toolkits

Experience Design

User Experience Website Design Mobile / Product Design Usability Testing

What I’m up to: